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Welcome to the Amon Carter Museum's Student Web Site for the pioneering color nature photographer Eliot Porter.

This site is written for fifth through eighth grade students. Students can explore the artist's life and photography in three sections under Student Activites: Becoming an Artist, The World of Eliot Porter, and Making a Statement.

An additional Activity Log encourages students to look carefully both at Porter's work and at their own environment and communities as inspirations for creating works of art.

  • Eliot Porter combined his love of art and nature to establish an important model for looking at the natural world.
  • Porter began making color photographs in 1939, when most photographers were working in black and white. He showed them the value of working in color.
  • The artist made a fundamental contribution to environmentalism by showing the beauty of wild places around the world. His work is widely imitated, as can be seen in many of today's calendars, coffee-table books, and posters.
  • While best known for his details of nature, Porter also photographed landscape views, architecture, and even people.
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