The following photographic assignments can be done by individual students or as a class project. Through these three hands-on assignments and a writing assignment, students can explore their surroundings with a camera.

Eliot Porter photographed nature in remote locations, but he also found interesting imagery right where he lived. Students can find similarities in their own environments.

Shooting assignments are most effective after students:

  • learn about Porter's life and photographs from the Web site, using the Activity Log;
  • visit the exhibition Eliot Porter: The Color of Wildness, if possible.

The photographic record sheet will help students make notes of their thoughts while taking each photograph.

Photography Assignments

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     A Note on Film and Cameras:

You may use any type of camera (disposable, point-and-shoot, or single lens reflex), but you should use color film. When photographing in low light (shadows and dark areas), use a 400 or 800 speed film. On a very bright day, you can use 200 speed film.

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